A Great Start to the Year…

Everyone has been so impressed with how the year 6s have started this year. They are really following the school rule of working to be the best that they can be.

So far this year, we have got stuck into our Viking topic; learning about their weaponry, gods, food and way of living. Last week, the children acted as Vikings and pillaged the playground to gather treasures. They then acted as historians to piece together artefacts and analyse what it told us about Vikings.

In Science, we are exploring how animals have adapted to their environments to survive – ask us about camels, penguins and giraffes!

It is not long until Woodlands now. Letters have gone out with reminders and kit-lists, but there is also a Q&A clinic at 3:30pm next Tuesday 2nd October in Class 12. This is your opportunity to ask any questions you have, if not already answered in the letters. Otherwise we will see you at the 8am Woodlands Monday morning (8th October) drop off!


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