Incredible India

This week we began our new Topic about India. On Monday we explored the Geography of India using atlases and we researched Indian animals. We also had the opportunity to try on traditional Indian clothes, taste tea, sample some Indian foods and complete a spice challenge – guessing what they were.


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Mrs Ward’s Maths Homework

Due to a technical hitch, we have been unable to print the homework for Mrs Ward’s group. The children have been told that they will receive the paper copy tomorrow and will have until Monday to hand it in.

We have attached it electronically below (click the link) for anyone who would like a head start.

Mrs Ward Homework

The last few weeks…

It’s been a busy couple of weeks in Year 6. We have returned to the story of Beowulf, starting to gather language to describe the tormenting creature that dwells in darkness – Grendel. We designed our own Grendel and are working hard to find effective language that may describe him.

In Computing, we have started planning our non-linear powerpoints about the Vikings – over the last few weeks, we have researched different aspects of Viking life, following SMART searching rules, and we verified our facts using different online sources.

In Science, we have researched Charles Darwin and his Theory of Evolution – we are currently making posters to present our findings.

We have also been busy making poppies – which you will find displayed on our windows. In the centre of each poppy, the children have picked their own word that they think of in relation to remembrance. Please do take a closer look!

Update: Coming home

We are now on the M40 and are about 45 mins away. We should be back about 18:50.

Please can you remember not to park in the school car park to allow room for parking the coach and unloading the bags. We would appreciate your help with unloading the bags.

Please can you make your self known when your child’s name is called out. We can then let them off the bus to meet you and you can find their bag.

Children have had their medication retuned to them.

If a photo CD has been ordered, it will be handed out on Monday.

See you soon!

A Great Start to the Year…

Everyone has been so impressed with how the year 6s have started this year. They are really following the school rule of working to be the best that they can be.

So far this year, we have got stuck into our Viking topic; learning about their weaponry, gods, food and way of living. Last week, the children acted as Vikings and pillaged the playground to gather treasures. They then acted as historians to piece together artefacts and analyse what it told us about Vikings.

In Science, we are exploring how animals have adapted to their environments to survive – ask us about camels, penguins and giraffes!

It is not long until Woodlands now. Letters have gone out with reminders and kit-lists, but there is also a Q&A clinic at 3:30pm next Tuesday 2nd October in Class 12. This is your opportunity to ask any questions you have, if not already answered in the letters. Otherwise we will see you at the 8am Woodlands Monday morning (8th October) drop off!


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